Friday, September 28, 2007

A Divided America?

Rod Parsley and gang, each vying for the top spot in the latest right wing polls, all have one silly thing in common - they tell us everyone and everything is divided, black or white, red or blue, right or wrong, Christian or satanic.

And, of course, they're on the right side of things, and we can be on the right side, too. Just sign on the dotted line and be sure to pony up a few bucks.

Just another bunch of hucksters blowing into town with snake oil.

Their windbag preaching is a "false dichotomy" creating illusions, firing bad emotions, and misleading thousands of decent folk so desperate for meaning they'll shell out big bucks for a bottle filled with promises. They appeal to the heartache of the poor and to the worst instincts of the wealthy.

American church history has been a free market - from the mundane to the silly, from the best to the worst, and everything in between. It's great, but a free market requires savvy shoppers.

Rod Parsley and gang want to divide and conquer, lots of smoke and mirrors.

They're rewriting American history to give it a more "Christian" twist to justify their rantings and ravings.

They're reconstructionists, hoping to dismantle the separation of church and state to create a theocracy looking and behaving no differently than the Taliban.

They're in bed with the neo-cons in their insane effort to take over the world with America on top.

A sad and dangerous mix of ideas, money and power.

Their day in the sun is waning, however - God be praised.

Pragmatic America will buy only so many bottles of promises before they run the guy outta town on a rail, tarred and feathered.

There is truth, there is beauty, there is faith, hope and love, and it works to build up, lift up, encourage the faint-hearted, opening doors of opportunity, speaking tenderly, welcoming every voice and embracing all, to make this a better world.