Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I Love Los Angeles

I love it here.

Haven’t had my radio on much – I love to drive, windows down, hear the sounds of the city – I’m an urban guy.

Saw some guy pitch his trash out the car … someone else dumped an empty cup on the sidewalk … so it goes.

There was a time when things like that bummed me ( still do, a bit), but I’ve learned that getting bummed is a waste of time, a diversion, a distraction that accomplishes nothing, except raising my blood pressure.

Several years ago, I pulled up to a red light on my way to church, behind a car with crude bumper stickers and a tough-lookin’ blond puffin’ away, her radio blaring, and just as I was getting self-righteous and uppity, the message I was listening too said: “Don’t worry about the world and it’s behavior. That’s the way the world is – we’re not likely to change the world, but we can change ourselves.”

I’ve taken that advice to heart – how much time and energy I’ve wasted over the years being self-righteous and uppity. Sure I care, and I’ll do my share in picking up after others and minding my own store.

Which reminds me, my wife and I saw a young lady snag an errant plastic bag on the Santa Monica pier and put it in a garbage can – whoever she was, hats off to her.

I love it here.

A fellow traveler along the 405.

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