Monday, September 3, 2007

I'm an Evangelical

I’m an evangelical, and I claim that title gratefully.

I believe in Jesus Christ as my LORD and my Savior, I believe in the literal Virgin Birth (God teasing us), the atoning function of His crucifixion (something profoundly good happened), the bodily resurrection (so utterly Jewish) and a literal second coming (when God shall bring time and eternity to the picnic table), the inspiration of Scripture (easy does it on this one!) – but I’ll not fight anyone on such things. I don’t have to defend these beliefs; they’re mine to enjoy and share, but how they work out in someone else’s life is up to God, not me!

I’m also pro-choice on social issues and pro-gay, advocating marriage as a gift and a right for any two adults in love.

I’m tired of some “evangelicals” wearing the title like a gunfighter wearing 45s.

To be an evangelical is to believe in the goodness and mercy of God, and in the freedom of humanity to work it out as best they can … to leave folks alone … and to be the light of the world, gentle and modest, and the salt of the earth – not the whole dadgum stew.

For fresh insights, I recommend Diane Bass’ Christianity for the Rest of Us.

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