Friday, September 21, 2007

In the Valley of Elah

What a profound film ... of father's and sons ... the grace of a family ... dignity and hope ... the madness of war and the courage to love.

Oscar-level in all regards.

The most powerful anti-war film I've ever seen without being anti-war - no politics here, just a family: a Vietnam veteran father, a mother - the death of an older son ten years earlier in a helicopter crash, and now their younger son, just returned from a tour of duty in Iraq, missing from his base.

Dad hauls gravel in a small Tennessee town - when a soldier, he was military police; a no-nonsense kind of guy - few words, clear and to the point. Upon hearing of his son's disappearance, he heads west to the base. He mets a local detective who persists in following the leads, confronting inertia in both the military and local police departments - just another soldier. But not just another soldier - Hank Deerfield's son!

Tommy Lee Jones reflects the heart of every father - his face conveys every emotion - a man filled with military poise and dignity, looking for a boy whom he loves dearly.

Charlize Theron is Det. Emily Sanders - young, savvy, with a heart - incredible performance.

Go see this film ... and pray for our solders!

This war is doing horrible things to them, to our nation, to all of us!