Saturday, September 22, 2007

Rain in Sunny SoCal

Moved to Sunny SoCal end of July - lots of firsts, including rain today. Strange. No big deal in Michigan, but since moving here July 26, not a drop. Folks drive on wet streets like folks in Georgia drive on snow - not well. Several accidents today by the church, 80th and Sepulveda - fender-benders, but one car ran the curb and dove into some bushes - I saw some folks, arms a-waving, talking to one of LA's finest. Hope they got things straightened out. An accident sure can ruin the day. Pays not to be in a hurry around here, but most everyone is. Hope I don't catch whatever they have. I'm learning to leave in plenty of time, enjoy the scenery, keep my windows to enjoy the sounds of the city. As always, pay attention to where I am - let the sights, sounds, people, smells - junk and buses, restaurants - homes and strip malls - paint a Kaleidoscope of color on my mind. Enjoy, count the blessings. "Find God in the music!" (advice from my organist).