Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My only consolation

My only consolation - Bush will go down in history as our worst president - having bankrupted our economy, destroyed our international credibility, sent several thousand soldiers to their death, and hitched his wagon to Christian whackos.

A ship of fools: Rove, Cheny, Rumsfeld and a host of lesser lights who polluted their office with shady deals, covert actions and blatant disregard for justice, all the while placating the far right with "faith talk."

Thankfully, Republicans around the nation are awakening to the reality - the party has been hijacked.

And millions of Christians are finding their voice - the far right is out of touch with reality and DOES NOT speak for the vast majority. The inane "last days scenario" of the far right, and its obsession with the American bedroom presents a view of faith so distorted that it bears no relationship to historic Christianity.

The media, now finally catching up, failed us - mongering headlines rather than investigative journalism, going with whatever ups the viewing audience, the media failed to provide discernment. Where's an Edward R. Murrow these days who can help us dig through the junk and find the treasure of truth?

I have always believed in the inherent sanity of America, and now having passed through a brief moment of insanity driven by 911 fears and finagled by the Machiavellian machinations of a Carl Rove, we are finally emerging from a very dark cave. God be praised.