Thursday, October 11, 2007

Old-line evangelicals

Had an interesting encounter with and old-line evangelical ... as for me, I'm sort of an evangelical when it comes to theology, but liberal on the social issues ... works for me.

Anyway, I'm convinced that the paradigm of evangelical vs. liberal is breaking down, at least for the liberals ... not so sure about the hard-line evangelicals: they've long enjoyed holding a gun to the liberals: "Do as I do, say what I say before I accept you," and when liberals actually begin moving toward a more spiritual take on things, the old-line evangelical hardly knows what to do.

They tend to sputter a lot.

Liberals can't brag a whole lot either, but perhaps it's the liberal who has the greater chance of actually moving to a new position. And, thank God, there are tons of soft-core evangelicals moving toward a more socially just take on things. And I've heard a few old-time liberals sputter, too!

We love our divisions.