Monday, November 5, 2007

Bush, a War Criminal?

Do a Google on "definition of war criminal" and you'll learn a lot.

That Bush ordered a preemptive strike on Iraq sullied the soul of the Republic for years to come. That Colin Powell used faulty intelligence, and now we know, outright lies perpetrated by a single Iraqi chemical engineer (code name: Curveball), is a blot upon our record that will never be erased.

This is America's greatest failure presided over by America's worst President, supported by a gang of thugs, greedy CEOs, religious wackos, and a host of sycophantic minions.

For a long time, I tried to be sympathetic to Bush - after all, being a leader, being President, is never easy, and worse in hard times. But as the months unrolled and new revelations came to light, my sympathy quotient turned down to zero.

I'm still not convinced that Bush masterminded all of this - I believe he was a toady for powerful oil interests and maniacal neo- and theo-cons intent on world domination.

This gang of thugs hijacked the nation and bullied good folks into quiet submission with the 911 and religious-cover cards.

Now there's talk of bombing Iran.

Will this insanity soon end?

Is Bush a war criminal?