Thursday, November 1, 2007

Until We Follow Scripture - Part 1

“Until we follow the Scriptures” is a call to arms and a rallying point for both crackpot and saint, and everyone in between. Christian history is replete with tragic examples of despots and bigots, each claiming the name of Jesus and averring their devotion to Scripture.

I follow the Scriptures, and so does my neighbor-in-the-faith down the street, but we may take different perspectives on any number of issues.

Is someone right? The other wrong? Or does Scripture allow different takes on different things?

We all know the old saw: "In Essentials, Unity; in Non-essentials, Liberty; in All Things, Charity," But what does that mean when “my essentials” are your “non-essentials” and vice versa?

We’re all tempted to make our take on things the best and the brightest. Yet, in so doing, we shatter the only thing that holds the Body of Christ together: love, humble, sacrificial, less-of-self-and-more-of-Christ love – charity in ALL things.

I am weary of being told that because I favor the ordination of lesbians and gays, I can’t possibly be faithful to Scripture. Though tempted to hurl the same charge, I refuse. I cannot reconcile our divergent points of view, but love for one another through Christ is greater than our “points of view.”

“Points of view” you say? “No, not points of view. My take on things is not a point of view. My take is simply more faithful to the Bible than yours. My faith is doctrinally and historically more pure than yours.” Of course, and the moon is made of cheese.