Tuesday, December 25, 2007

California Auto Emissions

Excuse me.

California can't impose it's own standards on auto emissions because this would cause confusion among the states?

I see.

But states acting alone on the matter of abortion is just fine! Because it fits the hyper-evangelical strategy to divide and conquer.


Why does the RP speak out of both sides of its mouth - touting states' rights for one thing and denying them for another?

I don't think I have to answer that.

Everyone knows already how bankrupt is the RP leadership under Cheny and gang! What with its diabolical arrangement with hyper-evangelical Christianity and its devotion, never to people, not even to this nation, but only to corporate profits and power.

Enough already.

It's time to put them out to pasture, and I don't care who the Dems nominate ... whoever they put forth, she or he is likely to embrace a larger vision and a far richer compassion! It's time for the United States to shed the shackles of Scrooge's greed and reclaim its greatness!

May it be so, and it can't be soon enough!