Friday, January 11, 2008


I've slipped behind on this blog ... so much happening ... busier than a cat on a hot tin roof, or as my dad used to say, "busier than a one-armed paper-hanger."

But all good, and all good is the way I see our current political process.

I'm a Hillary guy, but how exciting to see both parties duking it out amongst themselves - the best way to clarify the issues and compel the candidates to speak their minds and their hearts.

Which Kerry failed to do. John Kerry's campaign failed at the point of honesty. He's a good man, but failed to speak his mind and heart - which gave rise to the suspicion that he had neither. Bush obviously had neither, but his willingness to speak a clear word convinced enough folks in Ohio to win the day of the Repubs.

I was a bit fearful for Hillary at this point - good rhetoric and confidence, but wanting to please too many by refraining from too much.

Her social vision is compassionate and compelling, and she needs to articulate it clearly and proudly.

As for Thompson, he's tanked. But who knows?

The Huck is history ... his oily smile and smooth talk Southern Baptist piety won't fly in this country right now. Maybe a few years ago, but the ruse of religion used by the Bush Gang has thoroughly soured millions of religious voters who have finally seen their callow and callous machinations for what they are - using "religious boobs" to foster their own agenda.

Dobson and Gang are old hat these days, their empty-headed ranting going nowhere fast. The tainted televangelists under investigation by the Senate is further revealing how corrupt and self-serving is the powerful TV-religion establishment. Millions of hard-earned dollars sent in the name of Jesus spent on jets, fast cars and lavish homes in posh neighborhoods. Ya, right!

But it's a great country, and our greatness is revealed in our freedom to plow through tough ideas, offer up thoughts and challenge one another in the Spirit of Democracy.

Hats off to the process, and may the candidates grow increasingly bold in stating their minds and hearts, dealing with the issues, offering policies and refraining from the ad hominem strategies that characterized so much the political debate the last few years, especially in the ranks of the "righteous right" and their lugubrious posturings.

I'm going to sit back and watch the fireworks ... great show that it is ... some will fizzle, some already have, and a few will reach high into the sky with glorious color and sound. And the winner is ....