Saturday, March 8, 2008


Will the Dems slug it out?

Hope not, but even if they do, two candidates vying for the nomination will at least keep the cameras turned away from McCain.

I have no doubt that McCain is a man of integrity and intelligence, though I disagree with him on most everything.

The easy way he says, "I'm a conservative," caves in to the mantra of the right-wing, which hasn't had a constructive or coherent thought in decades, if ever, simply because it relies upon cliches and slogans that fire up the heart of the unthinking!

The current collapse of the economy is the fruit of a Repub policy and a fruitless war that can only bring more heartache to our world, and now that the news is out, that soldiers are committing suicide at a higher-than-ever rate, we ought to review our foolish ways and become a partner with the world, rather than trying to be a world-dominating superpower - which simply means pretension and hyperbole - there is no such thing as a superpower, but only large nations with vast sums of money to support a huge military machine.

Superpowers are deluded by their own dreams, and always and ever extend themselves beyond their capacity, only to experience humiliation and loss, at which point, we can go back to the moral drawing board, or in a fit of pride, exert our powers all the more (which is exactly the trap into which Bush and Gang have fallen).

All human greatness is from God.
All human greatness becomes arrogant.
God brings down all human arrogance.