Friday, April 4, 2008

Headed in Wrong Direction

Recent poll - 81 per cent of Americans believe we're headed in the wrong direction, and the President's approval rating has sunk to 29 percent. Only 21 percent said the economy is in good shape - wonder who they are.

Of course we're headed in the wrong direction ... Bush, wrapped in the flag and spouting religious goobledegook generated by the Gestapo Gang: Robertson, Falwell and Kennedy, stripped this nation of its values of freedom and compassion, turning us into a little fundamentalist congregation doing battle with everyone.

Bush has ruined our economy, taken us into a military dead-end weakening our military, taking thousands of civilian lives, added judges to the Supreme Court who will continue for years to erode the freedoms it took years to establish, ruined our economy and sapped the dollar.

I can't think of a better ending to our Bushy Boy then to put him back into his flight suit (with those tight straps), tell him - "Don't worry; the war is over" - haul him off to Tikrit, put him in a unit and let him watch the horror of war he so glibly glorifies (see Stop-Loss).

Thank God Americans are waking up to the horror of the last 8 years - an administration corrupt and conniving, master of doublespeak, heralding justice and democracy as a blatant cover for greed and world-dominance.

Americans are fundamentally a decent folk - large reserves of kindness and compassion, and liberty. Rightly so, the American public senses that Bush and Gang have taken us in the wrong direction.