Thursday, April 3, 2008

Tax Breaks for Oil

Poor oil.

Raking in billions ... but not enough to fund exploration ... boo hoo, sniff, sniff.

I am so tired of President Hoover, er, Bush and Gang, and the tears of the oligarchy.

Meanwhile, millions of Moms go without to bring their children to poorly-funded schools, living in cities with mostly marginal public transportation, trying to build a life when everything in the village conspires against it.

But, noooooo tears here. She's on her own, and if she wanted to make something of her life, she could. So, quit your sniveling sweetie. Take a look around you; check out those gated communities and posh cars - you could have it, sweetie, if you were smart enough - just like those folks.

Meanwhile, back at the Bush ranch ... how about a few more breaks for my oil buddies - they're poor and needy.