Thursday, April 24, 2008

Where to from here ...

Now that Hillary is back in the saddle, can the Dems continue this campaign without doing damage to their chances this fall?

I'm confident that McCain won't win, but can the Dems pull together and unite this country around a new agenda?

A new agenda badly needed.

Sometimes a good look in the mirror helps us see ourselves for what we are, and just this morning, in the New York Times, the following article about Putin and the Orthodox Church - as if Putin has taken a page right out of Bush's playbook:

Ever since Constantine chose Christianity as his safeguard for the Empire, we've seen this terrible relationship play itself out countless times with always the same consequences: loss of freedom for everyone outside the partnership, power for those within it, a loss of soul for religion and the further insulation of the government from healthy criticism.

What Bush did for nearly eight years Putin is doing with a Russian flair.

Time for a new agenda in America.

And oil prices?

Oil isn't going up ... the American dollar is falling!

Everything Bush and his spiritual granddaddy Reagen brought to this country is now in a state of failure, and we've yet to calculate the full cost, not only for ourselves, but for the entire world, as food prices escalate and international relations remain edgy.

I don't know how Bush can sleep at night, other than the sleep of the idiot.

I hope that when the Dems are finally able to clean house and put things back together again, there will be further investigations into the corruption of Bush and Gang - they have pillaged the American Dream and left us in rags.