Thursday, May 15, 2008

Karl Rove?

Karl Rove's Wall Street Journal op-ed piece about recent Republican House loses,

is an interesting read, as he chides his party for lack of clarity. Simply calling someone a liberal, liberal, liberal, he writes, will no longer work; Repubs have to create clear distinctions, built upon the high stakes in Iraq and that a GOP approach - lowering taxes, open trade, and pro-biz policies - will result in an improved economy.

I chuckled.

Karl Rove?

The man who gave us Bush and Gang?

Telling us that a Bush third-term (incarnate in McCain) would solve the Iraq War and bring our economy around?

Of course, what else can he say?

Nonetheless, he raises some interesting questions about Obama's ability to reach the masses and offers some interesting analysis of American voting patterns. Something to which Dems need to pay some serious attention. I think Rove is partly right - the fall election is not going to be a turkey shoot for the Dems.

But now I'm wondering: Would John Edwards serve as VP? Would Obama even ask him? Could his populist appeal strengthened the Dem ticket? How would John Edwards play out in West Virginia? Ohio? Could he capture some of the sentiment carried now by Hillary?

But getting back to Mr. Rove ...

Karl Rove and company planned and carried off the great American heist - stealing our character, our national reputation and our brains, giving them to a cabal of neo-cons driven by thoughts of empire.

Thank you Mr. Rove.

I hope when all is said and done, he ends up in Crawford weed-whacking beside his buddy.