Saturday, May 10, 2008

Settling Down

I can't find much more to say about Bush and Gang ... they're gone, but in the debris of their reign of arrogance, I suspect we'll find a record cache of dirt ... some will be criminally charged, some will even serve time ... if only Bush could be impeached and sentenced to work the next ten years in a Veteran's Administration hospital.

The New York Times carried a tragic piece on the human toll our two wars are taking on our professional soldiers - the simple truth: no human being can take the number of tours burdening our find soldiers - their character is being permanently altered, their family-life forever charged with darkness, and too many suicidal thoughts, and too much successful attempts.

Let Bush handle their bed pans and dress their wounds after the tenth surgery to repair tendons, bone and ligaments ripped apart by roadside bombs.

For a tough read, check out: