Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hagee, Again

This right-wing preacher, flush with money - much of it innocent, sent in by the easily-swayed, some it politically tainted by the worst kinds of ideology, has gotten YouTube to remove every video showing Hagee for what he is - a total crackpot, far removed from the Biblical realities he purports to know and defeind better than anyone else.

Hagee is a fear-mongering, power-loving, war-lusting character who's a wonderful speaker, with a marvelous voice and a charming southern accent that drips with sincerity.

Why YouTube would cave in like this is beyond me ... but then, the media giants have been caving in all over the place to the Bush Administration and the like. We no longer have news organizations; we have news/show biz - it's all about profits and ratings, posturing and pandering.

Where is Edward R. Murrow or John Cameron Swayze when we need them? When news was news, and the world was important.

Thank goodness for the Huffington Post and others who are raising their voices and putting the right questions to the Neo-Theo Cons promoting a disastrous world view that seeks war as a prelude to the Second Coming of Jesus.

That people should believe this is beyond the grasp of my poor mind, but such fervor has always been hanging around on the edges of Christianity - actually, most any religion - for wherever power is to be found, distortions of power are close at hand.

Anyway, stakes are high, that's for sure, and it's always time for thoughtful folks to be alert to the enormous pressures of extremism, which is never good and never right.