Friday, July 11, 2008

Iranian Missiles

Sure, I'm concerned ... as I've always been about the proliferation of WMD.

But is this not a case of the chickens coming home to roost?

Has America not been the world's largest developer and purveyor of such weapons and every other assorted means of destruction, while raking in tons of blood money?

To decry Iran's effort to arm itself against the rogue state called Israel (nuclear) is the height of hypocrisy. It's the equivalent of arming myself to the teeth, and then arming my neighbor down the block, and when my neighbor down the block threatens another neighbor who buys some arms, does it make sense for me to raise hell and threaten them?

Who wants Iran with WMD?
But then, who wants Israel with WMD?
Oops, that's right, I forget - they're our ally.

Or are they?
They've spied on us.
They've made plans without reference to us.
Is not Israel in this thing for itself?
Are they not utterly desperate?

Have we failed them?
Of course, we have, and we've allowed them, encouraged them, to become an armed state - our so-called anchor of democracy in the ME.

And now McCain and his bluster. Yup, just what we need.

When what we need are cool heads and thoughtful discourse - Obama promises to meet with anyone anywhere. Yes! This costs us nothing, and it might gain us a bit of peace of in a war-torn region.

I don't want to see Iran with WMD, but they're a nation - well-defined and large. Nations do what nations do and have always done. They're only doing what we've done; what Europe has done (although with much more restraint and intelligence) and what Israel has done (a cruel little land bent on destroying the Palestinian - both Muslim and Christian - and anyone else who offers a voice of reason or protest in their paranoid mind-storm).

Hats off to Obama for willing to say it: "Let's talk!"
Before we start pulling triggers.

I don't doubt that Israel is planning a strike on Iran - and what could we do? We have created a monster there, and now it's about to bite us.

Now is the time to apply sanctions on Israel, and let the Israel lobby in this country cool its jets. If folks here are really concerned about Israel's survival, it will be secured at the conference table not in an F-14 delivering a bomb.