Saturday, August 23, 2008

Biden VP

Biden - a solid choice ... who can punch out his thoughts, with lots of foreign policy experience.

Will this help Obama?

Likely, but not significantly. Biden will strengthen Obama's appeal to older voters, but Obama remains his own best draw for younger. Will this ticket reach into traditional Republican minds? Can anything reach into such minds? Is there a mind there to reach?

In the last few days, I was hoping for Hilary ... originally a Hillary supporter, I changed my mind in the primary voting booth. Afterward, when "dreamteam" was tossed around, thought Hillary would be a very difficult VP, but as the polls narrowed, thought H might be the key in some of the swing states where she did very well.

Biden doesn't bring the same clout as H would, but neither does he bring the baggage.

I've always enjoyed Biden - a good man, and surely an asset to Obama.

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