Friday, August 1, 2008

McCain and the Republican Philosophy

I can often see both sides of an argument, but not this one.

The Republican enterprise has failed the nation - economically, morally, environmentally and strategically.

Could it be any worse?

What I don't understand is how so many Americans can close their eyes to the debacle, and how so many of them would give John McCain even a moment of their time.

Can they not see that McCain is Bush all over again?

That offshore drilling is a short, very short, term strategy that, if undertaken, would have no lasting impact on our oil-dependence, and even if the new supplies were to slightly alter the picture, it would be short-lived at best.

We don't need offshore drilling; we need a new strategy to limit oil consumption and rebuild our economy on restraint rather than maniacal consumption.

Though I am hopeful about our nation and its future under new leadership, I am stunned by America's dreamlike state - like sharks overfed on a whale carcass - having eaten their fill, they become lethargic and oblivious - virtually drunk on their full bellies. Americans have sliced the carcass and consumed madly since Reagan. In our feeding-frenzy delirium, we have lost our capacity to think beyond the immediate "need" to purchase the next item on our list and to enjoy the next adventure of consumption. Nationally, we borrow money from China to buy oil from the Saudis, mortgaging our future and the welfare of our children and grandchildren. At best, this is idiocy, and we've swallowed it, hook, line and sinker.

Lord have mercy!