Saturday, August 9, 2008

Olympics - Opening Ceremony


That's all I can say - Wow!

They did it. The opening ceremonies were over the top in the very best of ways. As one commentator put it, "Retire the trophy!"

The Chinese showed the world they are on their way to becoming a great nation, a superpower of superpowers - 1.4 billion people proud and ready ... and what a history they have.

Bush's half-hearted attempt to criticize China's human rights was poorly timed and, frankly, useless. If ever there were a time for an American President to be a statesman, to build upon the positive, to praise China and celebrate its achievements, encouraging them to even greater heights, this would have been the time.

But small minded people are always that, I guess.

And, by the way, is Laura on Prosac? Both of them seem dazed most of the time.

It's good for Americans to see China emerging - to see greatness somewhere else, and to witness the patriotism and pride that others have in their flag, their national anthems, their land and their people.

For so long, Americans have perceived themselves on top of the heap, and such thinking has harmed our character.

I've heard all my life the silly statement, "We're the greatest country in the world."

What the hell does that mean?

What about the Netherlands?
Or Japan?
Or the Roman Empire?
Or the British Empire?
Or Greece?

The kind of boasting found so often in America is just plain unhealthy, and perhaps represents a poorly formed ego masking serious doubt.

Anyway, hats off to China, and if we're smart, we'll start teaching Chinese to our children and grandchildren.

And may this help America grow up, to see itself as one nation among many, with gifts and greatness, but not the sole owner of such things.

And Laura, change your perscription.