Monday, August 25, 2008


Oh my, what a speech ... what a man ... what a dream.

Oh for this nation to be great again, great in faith and hope, in compassion and vision, mercy and kindness.

And for a Commander in Chief who will never commit fine American soldiers to a mistake.

Not a mistake, but a lie. A terrible lie concocted in the unstable minds of the Neo-Cons leading the way for Wall Street profits and some bizarre, misguided, image of American power.

God save us from such fascist minds.

And God give us once again a president worthy of the title, and a White House that can once again command respect here and around the world.

Enough of the little mind, the little heart, the little men and little women who pander to the worst in human instincts, who can only imagine larger bombs and more planes, and sending more American soldiers to their death, for want of statesmanship, vision and real courage.

Teddy gave the speech of a lifetime - there were tears all around the auditorium, and tears in my eyes, too.

I was so moved to see Carolyn tearing up - what memories she must have, what hopes for our land.

And Maria Shriver - tearing up - hats off to her for helping my governor keep his balance and guide California through some turbulent times. Can Arnold not listen to Maria? Do they never talk? Of course they do. She may save the Governor yet!

My heart is so full of hope right now.

I have languished for many a decade now, with few exceptions, ever since Reagan introduced poisons into the American bloodstream - terrible and subtle, and may American awaken to the distorted views of self and world engendered by these poisons of pride and power.

Kennedy promised to be there in January when President Obama takes office. He was there tonight, and he's been there for his entire life, fighting for the average American, for children and their health care, and for a better future.

God bless this remarkable Senator, a Senator for the whole nation.

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