Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Enemy Within

Conservative churches are preparing to challenge the IRS ruling that prohibits congregations from endorsing specific candidates.

A spokesperson for the group told the Christian Science Monitor that he was endorsing McCain and had told his congregation they couldn’t vote for Obama because of Obama's stance on abortion.

The pastor defends his position by saying his positions are “according to Scripture,” and he has a constitutional right to share his political views with his congregation.

Well, yes, he has right to share his views, but the IRS wisely keeps the wall of separation in good repair by prohibiting a congregation from becoming a political pawn.

And doesn’t it seem reasonable that a healthy congregation would have a diversity of voices within its ranks?

And how can anyone be so sure of knowing what the Scriptures say, and is this what the Scriptures are all about anyway?

As you might guess from what I’m writing, I have a very different take on this.

And suggest to you, the thoughtful reader, that some conservative religious groups are opposed to our democratic freedoms, and if given their way, would create a religious state similar to the more conservative Muslim nations.

We have to keep the wall of separation in good repair, to preserve the integrity of both our religious institutions and our American freedoms of thought, choice and behavior.

The conservative group behind this “Pulpit Freedom Sunday” is dangerous to the well-being of the Republic. The Alliance Defense Fund, though describing itself as a defender of liberty is anything but. In a heartbeat, the ADF would strip away our freedoms, control our thoughts, and tell us what to do, because they “know the Bible and what it teaches” – without question, without doubt, and, I might add, without thought!

Such groups pose a real and present danger to America. They are the enemy within.

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