Friday, September 12, 2008

Keith Oberman - Truth-Teller!

Friend of mine sent this to me - a piece by Keith Olbermann (one of the few truth-tellers left in the intimidated media) detailing how the Repubs have hijacked 9/11 for their own perverted fear-mongering purposes.

It's a brilliant piece - click HERE to read it.

In thanking my friend, I wrote the following:

Thanks for sending this along ... Olbermann is one of the few truth-tellers left in the media mostly intimidated by the right ... so often accused of being sympathetic to the left, they're running with their tails tucked between their legs.

The Repubs have hijacked 9/11 and continue to spread the message of fear ... a message that plays right into the heart of the Republic right now, because lots of Americans know that something is profoundly wrong, but rather than addressing the core issues - health care, poverty, global warming, federal debt - most Americans would rather just shout a little louder, shove a little harder, and go shopping.

McCain and Palin are full of lies ... and many Americans are gobbling it up like pigs with a bucket of slop. I know some folks who are right of Attila the Hun - amazing how skewed their thoughts are - peppered with words like "socialism, communism" and "Obamanation" and "He's a Muslim" - that folks could think this way stuns me.

I was at the opening of Obama's SoCal headquarters last week - lots of fun, lots of energy, and maybe a thousand or more folks ... I said to one young lady, "Glad to see you here. I was worried that Palin would influence too many."

She looked seriously and said, "Not if they think about it."

Let's just hope folks will think about it.

God's Peace and Vision ...

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