Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mayor Palin Charges Rape Victims

Who is she?

Is she so determined that every conception is of God, that she wouldn't support long-standing local police policy to pay for rape victim's exams? But rather to charge them? And then fire the police chief for not complying with her foolish policy?

Who is Palin?

Just how sick is she?

Take a look HERE.

More and more will be revealed in the weeks ahead ... and by the way, how well Charlie Gibson trapped her - she's not prepared to be VP, and light years away from presidential qualifications.

Will women around the country rally to the truth? That Sarah Palin is a conservative woman-hater? Will femisnists stand their ground and make it clear that just because Palin is a woman by gender, her agenda is anything but favorable to women?

Check THIS out.

Thank goodness folks are starting to connect the dots!

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