Friday, September 19, 2008

Repub Mantra

Low taxes, less government, less regulation of the financial industry - well, Mr. Reagan, the Great Liar, and every Repub administration since then, has sustained these lies, and millions of Americans unwittingly bought them.

Meanwhile, unions were gutted, deficits soared, the financial industry devised a million schemes to up their profits, worker benefits were reduced, folks laid off in competition with lower-wage workers overseas, jobs shipped abroad, and now the results are in.

Mr. Reagan, God rest your soul, but your mindless vision of America, backed by John Wayne images and a convincing smile, sowed the seeds of a bitter harvest.

We had another great President in the worst of times, and his name was FDR who understood that America's greatness rested upon a partnership of government and business - that taxation was the means for controlling greed and funding needed government programs.

Long derided by the Repubs, yet celebrated by folks who care about this nation and how it works, and how well our greatest resource is being treated - the women and men who put their backs into it, FDR saw the picture clearly when his Repub predecessor, H. Hoover, didn't. Does history repeat itself? Hardly in the specifics, but in general, yes! It's time for a Democrat to come to the rescue once again and get this country up and running on the right course.

The Repubs have raped the land ... it's as simple as that. Greed, the underlying principle of the GOP (Greedy Old Party) has run its course, as it always does, all downhill.

America is living proof of the simple Biblical observation: the love of money is the root of all evil.

Sometimes folks misquote the bible and say, "money is the root of all evil."

Not so. For money, in wise and kindly hands, can work wonders for all the world. Money, well-spent, can change the course of the future for good. When the economic engines are well-regulated by a government that dares to be a conscience, reminding us of our mutual obligations, especially to the folks on the margin, money is the energy of transformation.

All the religious jabber of the Repubs has been nothing but a cover for covetousness.

It's time for us to recover a genuine capitalism, and it's time for people of faith to get their act together and help our nation rise to its best.

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