Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Why I'm for Obama!

I am for Obama,

Because he will help us:

Address the war in Iraq and withdraw our troops from a war that we should have never undertaken.

Refocus our attention on Afghanistan and real war on terrorism.

Open up for us the discussion of a national health care program, as most of the civilized world has adopted.

Bring justice to our economy. Ever since Reagan, we have been on a Fascist road - privilege for the few; crap for the rest. It's time for us to visit FDR and traditional capitalism - not the raw capitalism envisioned by the Repubs which has led us down a dark road of deepening debt and war.

Help us be a better society ... with justice and mercy at the center - the American principle: "We help one another."

Remind us of our place in the world ... that we have to be a player with the rest of the world. It's time for America to realize that our "national interests" are related to the well-being of the entire world, including global warming.

Restore our international reputation. Much of the world laughs at us, and when they're not laughing, they scratching their heads. Our behavior has been nothing but adolescent.

Bring sanity to our economic policies ... it's time to address our enormous debt, crippling our economy. We're no longer spending our own money; we're spending money borrowed from China and giving it to the Saudis to buy oil. It's a disaster waiting to happen.

Bring mercy to our way of dealing with the poor.

Heal the perpetually damaged relationship between labor and management. When will corporate boards see their employees not as enemies, but as partners? Justice is profitable.

It's time to deal with issues ... the problems ... the real stuff.

The Repubs won't go there ... because their program is crippled ... and all they have is rhetoric ... noise and nonsense.

And maybe help us realize how intimidated the media is - they've been accused by the right of being favorable to the left, and they're bending over backwards to the right - Palin has been on the cover of every mag and newspaper of any influence. That the right should continue to use this mantra is another example of the power of the lie.

This is an incredibly dangerous time ... that our nation is flirting with fascism is no joke. The love of power linked with the sense that we can do no wrong; that our rights ought to be recognized by the world - lebensraum - and that our interests are first among the nations - this is the stuff of insantity, and John McCain and his Vietnam memories, and Sarah Palin and her hunt-wolves-from-the-air attitude are leading us down a dark and deadly path.

They're fascists at heart ... privilege for the few, and the rest of us be damned.

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