Saturday, October 4, 2008

Dark Material

Wrote to a friend this morning:

McPalin is sinking ... I suspect we'll see them both, in their respective styles, grow increasingly petulant and cutesy ... she was nauseating - that anyone could watch that "say it ain't so, Joe" performance and believe she's fit for the office of VP, not to say the Presidency, has to be nuts.

Or as one young "pro-hate," I mean pro-life mother in Texas said (she's 25), we stand with Sarah on the matter of abortion - this is the kind of mindless support being produced by the religious right - the very folks who snapped their arms and hands upright to salute Hitler and Mussolini ... and I'm serious when I say that - they'd trade away the Republic in a heartbeat and create an oligarchy/theocracy to dismantle the Constitution and refashion us to look like a Saudi Arabia.

As Biden said, "Cheney is the most dangerous VP we've ever had."

In my darkest moments, I wonder - are the Neo-cons counting on McCain's death or illness, if elected, so that Palin would assume office? She'd be putty in their hands.

P.S. Check out this fine and thoughtful piece by Frank Rick, New York Times, Oct. 4 - about "pitbull Palin" - that the GOP is counting on her to win the day, maybe even having McCain flip the ticket ... her hubris, her uncontrolled ambition, her lack of intelligence - the GOP virtues.

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  1. I hope you're right that the Republicans are "sinking." I went door to door this past weekend working for the Obama campaign, checking in with voters and I was stunned at how many of them are either convinced that Barak is a Muslim or are still undecided. What more do folks need to see?
    My greatest fear at present is an October surprise engineered by Rove and his minions. I dreamt the other night that they'd captured Bin Ladin and had transported him to Baghdad, waiting for the best political moment to announce the capture and claim it took place in Baghdad, thus "proving" that Iraq is the center of Al Quaida. Another option might be a huge and sudden decrease in gas prices that Bush can somehow credit McCain for.
    Call me paranoid, but I won't breathe easily until Barak is inaugurated, and even then, I'll live in chronic fear of his assassination at the hands of racists.