Friday, October 10, 2008

GOP Anger

Reality TV has nothing on these angry anti-Obama people who are connecting to the deepest levels of bigotry found in the underbelly of our nation. Words escape me - how to describe the depths of ignorance and hatred.

These are not nice people, no matter how you slice it.

They're angry and bigoted, spewing a venom often hidden from view - whether it be in some posh suburb or a backwoods bar and grill, it's all the same - racial and religious hatred directed at Muslims and Gays and anyone of color. That Americans could still think this way is beyond my grasp. That shreds of this might yet exist in our psyche is not hard to believe, but to hear and see it at this volume is mind-boggling and embarrassing.

But necessary?
Sometimes a people need to embarrass themselves so badly in order to confront the demons within.
Is this a potential embarrassment?
When these folks see themselves on YouTube, what will they think?
Can they be proud of themselves?

Where now are the Catholic Bishops who rail on abortion?
Where now are the high-minded fundamentalists who preach Christ? And claim to have an inside track on God's truth?
Where's the Republican Party of Lincoln and Eisenhower?
Where's the likes of a Bill Buckley when the conservative wing needs him?

Can McCain possible accept any of this?
I doubt it, except for the price of election, and if this is a price he's willing to pay, he's not fit to be President of the United States ... maybe some local chapter of the KKK.
And Palin?
We all know where she's at - down in the gutter politics of slam and slice - shooting wolves from the air is sport for this kind of sick mind playing to the worst in our character, groveling in the dirt of hatred and prejudice as if it were the key to winning anything of goodness or value. She's clearly not fit for office of any kind.

And though she touts her faith, I can only wonder about the kind of god she worships. Oh yeah, I forgot, the kind of god who goes witch hunting.

Check out this ARTICLE and follow the YouTube links if you want to get sick to your stomach.

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