Monday, October 6, 2008

Lehman Brothers

Poor Mr. Fuld, former CEO of the new defunct Lehman Brothers - he awakens at night wondering what might have been different.

Poor man.

With $500 million since 2000 ... land holdings including two lavish homes: an ocean-front home in Florida and one in Sun Valley, Idaho ... a multi-million dollar art collection ... and who knows what else ... oh my, how he suffers.

What about the 90-year old widow in Cleveland evicted from her home after living there for 38 years? And the poor woman tried to shoot herself, only to wound herself, now to face even more misery.

What about the man in LA who just shot and killed his family and then himself because of financial woes brought about by men like Mr. Fuld?

I'm sure Mr. Fuld's a good man ... but a man without a conscience, living in the rarefied air of corporate boardrooms, hiding behind the salary scales set by boards around the nation - each paying one another huge, impossible, sums of money.

As Mr. Waxman so wisely said, "privatizing gain and socializing loss."

Shame on them all and their tribe. They have bilked the nation, no, the world, of billions and have hurled millions of innocent families into the pit of despair.

Yea, he awakens at night wondering what happened. So do millions living on the edge of poverty, or full in its grip.

Is it any wonder that Jesus repeatedly describes countless woes for the wealthy who repeatedly show their vanity, while congratulating themselves and suggesting that "you, too, could be rich like me."

So let him awaken in his mulit-million dollar mansions ... let him lie awake for many a night pondering the misery he and his clan have brought upon the whole world.

Before Congress, not one word of apology or remorse.

Is this any different than a cold-blooded murderer facing his victims with a snarling smile?

Poor Mr. Fuld.

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