Saturday, October 11, 2008

McCain Booed

I disagree profoundly with John McCain, but he did something profoundly honorable at one of his rallies. When confronted with the worst kinds of fear and ignorance, he corrected the audience, defended Obama and was booed for his efforts.

In such a clear and convincing moment, the real John McCain is evident - a man of honor and truth.

The far right cabal that hijacked the GOP is now running amok - it's hatred, bigotry, insanity, rising to the surface, for which all thoughtful Americans can be grateful - sometimes, we have to stand in front of the mirror of our own soul, and America's soul, often great and generous, has some seriously dark stains, and we're seeing them revealed at the McCain/Palin rallies. Even John McCain is embarrassed. I wonder about Palin? Does she care? Does she think?

Hats off to McCain for challenging the worst in his audience, and hats off to the all the Republicans who have challenged the hockey mom from Alaska and are trying to rise above the dirt.

Whatever happens, I believe that we are watching the death throes of the far right and it's deadly grip on American politics and the GOP. When all is said and done, they will retreat back into the holes from which they've crawled. They'll never go away, but it will be long time before they gain their former ascendancy. That anyone could have thought that Dobson, Falwell, Cheney, Rove, trickle-down economics and shock and awe diplomacy could win anything of value boggles the mind, but ever so often, even a great nation has to fall in order to sort out its values and regain its balance.

Can we regain our composure?

Of course we can, and I believe we will.


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