Saturday, October 18, 2008

Michele Bachman

Dear Senator McCarthy,

I watched your performance on Hardball ... amazing ...

And you're a representative to Congress for the good people of Minnesota?

I wish I knew you better ... because I'm trying to figure out from whence folks like you come ... how you think?

Do you really believe that Congress is filled with un-American folks?

Or is this just the sick party line written by Rovians?

Like Joe McCarthy of old, that kind of thinking, that kind of talk, is un-American, in the worst sense of all - sowing seeds of doubt, building upon fear and suspicion, throwing around meaningless words, the very tactics used by the Fascists and Nazis to undermine democratic rule.

Whatever happens in this election, it's clear in my mind that you are the perfect representative of the decline of the Republican Party, the party of Lincoln and Senator Dirksen. Republicans, beginning with the Great Liar, Ronald Reagan, have worshipped at the altar of power and business - have brought this nation to its knees economically, ruined our international reputation, weakened our military and pitted us against one another via the non-issues of abortion and gays (bedroom politics) while our environment degrades, millions died from poverty, disease and war, and 40 million Americans are uninsured, with our health status in decline.

Anyway, Joe, welcome back. I guess your ghost never entirely goes away, lurking in the dark corners of the mind and soul, feeding on hatred, and coming out of the closet now and then to hurt and malign.

P.S. check out the Dump Michele Bachman blog HERE.

And stop by HERE to sign a petition to censure Bachman.

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