Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Toyoto Takes a Hit

New York Times -

In the United States, for example, it has halted work on a plant in Mississippi and enrolled idled employees in classes at its truck factory in San Antonio, because fewer of them are needed on the production line.

Analysts said the industry shake-out was likely to get worse next year, with weaker companies being forced out of business or acquired by stronger competitors.

The Southern Autoworker will feel the pinch, and who will go to bat for them?

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  1. Yes, the $700B bailout to Wall St. did not execute as intended - to open credit lines, secure and move people to fixed-rate mortgages. Where's the outrage? Or, are we all so busy working there's no time to storm city hall or DC? Hmmm...Now, the new domestics (Toyota, Honda, etc) are feeling the credit pinch as leasing has all but dried up and folks can not secure loans for buying new cars. It's time for the US to take a holistic approach to problems that are in fact connected to each other - all our ills are interconnected - the energy, auto, financial and economic crisis - all interconnected - but can Obama sort through the mire and fight the GOP derails of 'partisan politics as usual'? I hope he and his administration can...