Friday, December 12, 2008

Union-Busting #2

Senator Phillips Corker, Jr, a millionaire real estate developer, led the fight to defeat the bailout. While enjoying the best of the best, he tells millions of middle class auto workers to take a wage cut and surrender benefits. And apparently it all came down to a timeline. Ron Gettelfinger, head of the UAW, has given plenty of ground since becoming head of the UAW in 2002, but Corker, resolute in his effort to bush the UAW, stood his ground and the deal went down.

Who is this FRESHMAN senator from Tennessee? A millionaire ... a fascist ... and a (you fill in the blank - just about anything low down and dirty will do).

Betraying a huge GM plant in his own state ... but let's put the pedal to the metal - I wonder how many of those folks are so-called Reagan Dems - voting Republican for ideological reasons - the Pro-Lie position? Religious reasons? Evolution?

Who knows, but Tennessee went Republican ...

Okay, enough ... what was was.

But can it be? The Repubs putting in the last few nails on their fascist coffin?

Whatever one thinks of the auto industry, it's a huge part of America, larger than the Wall Street Jungle and the twenty- and thirty-something goons that broke our back.

Millions of hard-working, honest Americans, making their housepayments and sending their children to college are in jeopardy because wealthy fascists are plotting to bring even more foreign auto plants to the south, with the promise, of course, that unions won't interfere.

I'm pretty disgusted, and I hope you are, too.

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