Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Amazing Republicans

The amazing Republicans - they're still touting their failed philosophy of tax cuts as the only way to restore the economy.

Are they brain dead?

Have not those policies proved bankrupt, literally? As our nation  teeters on the brink of a deep economic disaster, thanks to Bush and Gang, with John Boehner now carrying this guttering torch?

They haven't a clue.

They lost, and they lost big! The American people have spoken, and after the election, with Obama's growing approval rating and Bush's further decline, more and more Americans realize just how flawed the Republican philosophy grew under the guidance of an Alan Greenspan, for example. In all regards, economically, diplomatically, militarily, the Repubs have failed.

But rather than rising to some higher level of compromise and cross-aisle conversation, they seem intractable. Abandoned by the likes of Colin Powell and others, can they not see how isolated, how irrelveant, they've become.

It's a new age for us ... and we finally have a real President for the real America, and America of compassion and wisdom, where all religions and races are welcomed, where the power of diplomacy is understood and practiced, and we work together to achieve the American Dream, even as we celebrate the dreams of other nations, as well.

We have been thinking small for a long time, and small thinkers only grow smaller.

Expansive thoughts, intelligence and reflection, a grasp of history and a compelling vision of justice for all - we have a President who embodies the best of this nation's history.

I return to Joe Biden's comment: that paying taxes is patriotic!  Taxation compels business to reinvest rather than pull profits and limits the irresponsible spending patterns promoted by a crass consumer capitalism.

Taxation is a means of redistributing the wealth, and only government has the means to do this justly! And I can't think of anything more patriotic than helping every citizen of the land have a fair and decent chance.

For too long, we've headed the cry of the super-wealthy, and for what, so they can spend millions dollars to refurbish their offices?

Come on Repubs ... get your act together. I think it's time for you to turn off Limbaugh and listen to your own story told well in the work and life of Senator Dirksen who, at a critical moment of debate, joined hands with the Dems to help Lydon Johnson pass his massive civil rights legislation.

We have a chance now to rejoin the family of nations, even as we restore our economy, move ahead on health care, promote stem cell research, expand infrastructure construction and safeguard the right of woman to choose.

We have a chance. It would be nice if the Repubs could join the effort.

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