Thursday, February 12, 2009

Judd Gregg Withdraws

Well, so much for the "team of rivals." Judd withdraws.

From my take on things, the divide between Repubs and Dems is so great that it'll take a miracle to heal the wound.

The gap began with Reagan and has been steadily widened at the wrong-wing end of things. The empty-headed ideology of a Limbaugh, the crass and often not-so-hidden racism of a Palin and McCain, the foolish bumblings of Cantor and Boehner, along with the religious rantings of James Dobson and gang, has shredded the Republican Party once represented by statesmen and world leaders like Senator Everett Dirksen and Dwight Eisehhower, not to mention Teddy Roosevelt or Abraham Lincoln.

They have become a mean-spirited, narrow-minded party bent on ideological pursuits rather than the welfare of the nation. How this could happen is difficult to trace, but that it's happen is obvious to all.

Even today, someone as significant as Olympia Snow said, "We have to get lending going."

Yes, of course, but if there's no one to borrow, it doesn't make any difference whatsoever how much money is available at that end of the pipe, except, of course, if you're a CEO looking at the next Las Vegas event or wanting to remodel your office.

It's not about pouring money into the coffers of the banks; it's about putting people to work and putting money into the pockets of the middle class. It's about schools and children and health - the things that build consumer confidence and make nations great.

I couldn't have been more disappointed then I've been today - not so much about Judd (I'm glad he had the wherewithal to see how incompatible he was, or least the philosophy of his party), but about Snow. If she's indicative of the "progressive" end of the Repubs, then they are hopelessly lost in some dark quagmire so thick, so deep, so backward, as to be virtually un-American. That the so-called "party of the flag" should be dismantling the civil fabric of the Republic is just another example of the how they've turned language and values upside down, parading behind a highly distorted version of patriotism, intimidating anyone who might raise a question, and belittling the values and ethics that have always made America a great nation, and will make us great again, if we but shed the nonsense of the last 30 years and embrace the real American Dream and learn again from our Founding Mothers and Fathers and President Abraham Lincoln.

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