Friday, February 6, 2009

Repugnants? I Mean Republicans!

Sorry about that ... and though I want to be pro-active and positive, what's up with the repugs?

Another half-million jobs lost in January?

Can they not see how their policies have led directly to this American Tragedy?

Tax cuts for the wealthy have never energized an economy, simply because wealth at the top is too concentrated in $25,000 hand-hammered copper bathtubs and corporate jets ... and tax cuts for big companies only puts more dollars into management hands and (big) investor pockets, fueling an ever-greater concentration of money into the hands of the few, shrinking the pool of available dollars for the rest of us.

Look, it's only middle class money that fuels an economy, but, then, do the rich and their repug (short for repugnant) minions understand this? Of course they understand this, but the point is, they don't give a damn. Never have, never will.

Which is why it's easier for a camel to squeeze through the eye of a needle than a person of wealth to enter into the kingdom of God.

Nothing inherently wrong with wealth, but wealth concentrated into the hands of the few becomes a poison to the soul of a nation.

The repugs hide behind protests of porkbarreling (yeah, they ought to know) and other such complaints.

Granted, nothing produced in Washington is likely to be free of it, but we've got to do something, and tinkering with percentage points, all dressed up in the repugs' silly protests about less spending and lower taxes is nothing short of ludicrous ... after years of high spending and growing deficits and an economy now crashing and burning, their complaints are nothing less than treason.

They've been found out and can't stand it.

They hide behind principle, but their principles are self-serving and designed only to feather the nests of the few while pillaging the resources of the land and siphoning off dollars for their own pleasures and parties.

This isn't just about political parties, but about a President of vision trying to lead this nation out of a morass of fiscal insanity promoted by both parties for a long, long, time. Whether it be Daschle and his non-payment of taxes, or Boehner's silly posturing about taxes, this is a first-class mess to be laid at the feet of both parties and the Washington Culture of greed and power.

Obama was elected, not because he's a Democrat, but because he's a man of vision, and heaven knows that's what we need right now.

I pray that both parties will clean house, rally around this man of vision and do what the vast majority of our population seeks - "justice for all."


  1. Driving back from Holland, searched for a radio station and my scan stopped on Sean Calamity...I mean Hannity...scary...after I veered back onto the road, I gave a listen. Scary. He's touting trickle-down, tax-cuts for business, citing Reagan..even said Reagan inherited a worse economy than Obama! Apparently Limbaugh (his hero) and Hannity are fanning the flames of madness to continue playing a game as if this were a game and not our lives...sad. I hope our government representatives can learn again how to have a dialogue and work together to fix our nations problems...

  2. We need to have the FCC go back to the rules of equal time. Let Limbaugh say what he wants, but then, in exchange for that FCC broadcast license they need to promote an equally inflammatory talk radio host from the left.

    The airwaves are a commonwealth and belong to everybody.

    There used to be a rule to that effect. The Neo-cons got rid of it.

  3. And yes, the Repugs really don't get it.

    But the Dems need to stick to the high road. Obama needs to keep a tighter leash on them if he wants to accomplish his goals.

  4. Tom - dead on again, my friend. Keep on bloggin' in the free world! As a fellow movie-buff, I'm sure you've already seen Gran Torino. Check out my latest blog at faith4tomorrow on Eastwood and let me know what you thought of this year's best picture! Peace - Toby