Thursday, June 4, 2009

Letter to Senator Feinstein re EFCA

June 4, 2009

Senator Dianne Feinstein
11111 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 915
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Dear Senator Feinstein,

I am writing on behalf of EFCA, to encourage your favorable vote on this piece of important legislation.

I’m sure corporate interests are busy lobbying your office and using a variety of pressure-tactics to vote no, but I encourage you to vote yes on behalf of the people who punch a time-clock and build this nation every day.

As you can tell by my letterhead, I’m a pastor, the Presbyterian kind, and I’ve been a pastor for 39 years.

The EFCA legislation, which our President has vowed to sign, is vital to our financial recovery (as was the Wagner Act, 1935), the rebuilding of the middle class, the restoration of dignity for millions of American workers and a fundamental mid-course correction, to bring a healthier balance to the conversation between labor and management, a balance that has swung, in the last 40 years, too far in favor of management.

Without EFCA, huge injustices will continue to demoralize millions of American workers, casting them into near-poverty, putting them and their families at risk and further crippling American productivity.

EFCA is needed now.

I know that you were a sponsor of this legislation in 2007, and I salute you for that work in the face of a President who wouldn’t sign it into law.

Now, we have a President who is prepared to sign it, and I encourage you to stand by your earlier work and help restore the dignity and security of the American worker.

Thank you for your good work.


Thomas P. Eggebeen

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