Friday, July 3, 2009

Drill Baby Drill

So long Sarah.

Not likely to disappear entirely - there's still a nut-base out there willing to buy her empty-headed world-view - "I can see the Russians from here" and a religious right-wing that would support Attilia the Hun if he opposed abortion and hated gays.

Oh no, as I sit here, Pat Buchanan is comparing Palin to Nixon - like Nixon, she'll find a couple of good speech writers, nail down some good lines and emerge, then, as the front-runner for 2012. Uh huh. You go Pat.

Palin claims she didn't want to be a lame duck governor. How about just lame duck.

I feel for her. I really do. Her ego has outstripped her ability by light years. She was primed and pumped by good handlers who crafted her lines and gave her an in with the far right. But in the short run, it became tragically apparent to most everyone, even Republican insiders, that here was a person unfit for the office.

It'll be fun to watch. And if not fun, maybe just sad.

Sadder, still, to watch the Republicans continue their much-deserved downward spiral, not that I mind. But our nation is served best when both political parties are healthy, and their respective good health is very much like the biblical observation, steel sharpens steel.

As of this moment, the Republicans are anything but sharp. In fact, downright dull, verging mostly on the edge of buffoonery. Their social agenda against abortion and homosexuality has proved bankrupt. Their extreme economic theories have brought this nation to the brink of depression. All in all, they're a tired and beaten group fumbling around in the dustbins of the past to find themselves, while ignoring the future and dismissing the new normal in which we all now live politically and economically.

What will Sarah do?

Maybe take a break. Grab her rifle, climb into a plane and shoot a few wolves from the air. The loonies in the lower 48 will love her for it.

So long Sarah. It's not been so nice knowing you.

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