Friday, August 21, 2009

Whole Foods Health Care?

For now, Whole Foods offers, a good health insurance plan for its workers, even as its CEO has come out against President Obama's plan.

Here's a note I posted to Smart Money and an article touting Whole Foods:

All fine and good, but for how long? FedEx in the beginning, was a similar model, but that all evaporated in the last five years.

The real flaw is our post-WW2 link of employment with healthcare - sort of like a roller coaster ride, too many ups and downs, and then it all ends one day, again.

A second flaw - the middleman insurance companies who are bound and driven by Wall Street to make a profit, and the bigger the better. Like the rest of the world, we need a single-payer health insurance system. Is this so hard to figure out?

The billions now being paid into the insurance pit would be dramatically cut when we begin paying into a single-payer system. We talk about efficiency all the time while supporting the most inefficient and expensive health-insurance industry in the world (inefficient for us, but highly profitable for them).

Until we correct these flaws, the system will continue to fail the American family, and more and more Americans will find themselves without health insurance or so poorly insured they might as well be without it.

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