Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Note to Joe Wilson

I left a note at Joe Wilson's website a few days ago, and today, I received a note extolling his virtues and decrying the evils of liberal Democrats.

To that note, I sent the following:

Chuckle, chuckle ...

I R one of those liberal Dems who think your behavior is bad, really bad, but your ideology is even worse.

I am a Christian, I am a pastor, and there isn't anything for which you stand that I find consistent with Christ or the great truths of Scripture, though I know that some folks in SC see it differently ... but then segregation and lynching was a part of that picture for a long time. No encouragement in the track record that truth will emerge from all the bitter t-bagging nonsense.

I know that folks are rallying to your side - but don't be deceived - the truth is still the truth, and the right-wing in this country has utterly abandoned truth for the sake of angry politics and (using Proverbs 1) a bitter scoffing, shying away from the big issues and settling for simpleton ideas.

I will pray for you for 40 days ...


Pastor Tom Eggebeen
In that liberal city, Los Angeles


  1. Well, I guess he doesn't want my note - it bounced. Just went to his website - it's now only a single page.

  2. Better be careful, Tom. You might get put on list of "most-hated liberals"... hmmm... it seems that title is redundant.