Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Vetting the Prez?

I'm all for "protecting" our children and rearing them sequentially - that is, with age-appropriate experiences and knowledge, but no one can totally control it - whether it be a peasant family during the Black Plague, a pioneer family in 1880 Arizona, or any of us today - death and sorrow have always been a part of the human story.

But all that aside, does the Prez have to be vetted? Is the Prez so dangerous, so unpredictable, that our children are threatened?

As I've said before, he's the Prez. Not some punk down the street peddling drugs, or a whacko with AK-47 stuffed in his trunk. Nor is he a CEO trying to convince us that the water is clean and the air is pure, even as we choke on our own pollution.

To even think that we have to vet the President's words as a potential danger to our children is a thought beyond my grasp.

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