Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ashcroft? One of our finest fascists

Remember Ashcroft?

Court case proceeds against him - click HERE to read more!

In the last 50 years, our right-wing friends have managed to produce a rash (yup, let's call it that - sort of like jock-itch) of first-class fascists who would gladly put most of us in jail and turn the reigns of government over to the barons of industry.

He and his henchmen are exceedingly dangerous.

They'd sell us out in a heartbeat to some strange religious, apocalyptic vision driven by the lunatic ravings of Colson, Dobson and Robertson and the maniacal dreams of Wolfowitz and Cheney.

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  1. Bad news at the outset, but then I realized that the decision is in the 9th Circuit, the most-reversed Circuit Court in the Nation. And you can pretty well bet that the Supremes will grant cert in the case of a former AG.