Saturday, March 20, 2010

Free Market

Yup, let's have a free-market. Let's do away with baby-food regulations and folks who raise the alarm about toxic chemicals in the toys with which our children play; let's do away with all food inspection, and let's trust the slaughter houses (only a few left, by the way) to keep our food supply safe. Our water supply? Air quality? Building codes? Yup, I say, turn it all over to Wall Street!

Actually, let's just forget government.

Heck - roads, parks, airports - turn it all over to the CEOs and bankers.

Education - there's another for ya' - let's privatize it and make education another profit-making source - oops, that's right; we have Charter Schools now, don't we? Let's just forget public education. Privatize.

And Social Security? Privatize it. Oh yeah, that was proposed when the stock market was hitting the roof ... but now, why isn't anyone talking about privatizing Social Security right now?

And forget elections - what we need are boards of directors who elect the CEO. Yup, think of it - our cities, our states, our entire nation - run by private boards tied into Wall Street and the stock market. 

Wow, we'd all be rich over night.

Sorrow would vanish and everyone would be happy - the whole dang country could become a golf-course gated community. And our WMDs would keep the rest of the world in check!

We'd be rich beyond our dreams.

Wouldn't even need the church anymore to preach sin.

After all, the free market would set us all up on easy street, and how we would love one another for it.

Yup, I sure wish I would have thought this sooner!

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