Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Associated Press: Poll: Majority lacks trust in government

The Associated Press: Poll: Majority lacks trust in government

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No wonder folks distrust government - after 50 years of GOP bull shit about "government is the problem," folks actually believe this nonsense.

And watching the GOP dunces foul up the waters even further, no wonder folks have lost their confidence in our Constitutional system, one of the finest in the world. Sadly, what rates as the GOP today is a twisted impostor of Lincoln's Party. I've had the pleasure of knowing many a fine GOP politician - they were gifted and collegial. They know how to stand their ground and how to reach across the aisle. But these days, the GOP has no ground to stand upon; they are a party without purpose. And without purpose, they lack the means for reaching across the aisle. They have no clue what to work for, so they're unable to work with anyone else. And as Palin and her sideshow grow increasingly influential, we'll see the GOP imploding. It won't be a pretty picture, and it surely won't help this nation out of the political morass into which we are sinking.

The Dems haven't helped either - they've been too afraid to stand up and be counted, to buck the insanity of Bush and to be what Dems should be - a party of The People. Only a few dared to raise the right questions about the Iraq adventure, and when our allies raised questions, we turned on them with a pathetic rage - trying to rename "French" Fries as "Freedom Fries." How silly; how immature; how shallow!

24-hour news services jump from one crisis to another, chasing ambulances, if you will, rather than engaging in real journalism - after watching the news, we're left breathless with exhaustion and not a shred of wisdom. Though I stand with MSNBC as a source of traditional values - compassion and the common good. This is the stuff of Real American and real greatness. Keith Olbermann and Rachel Madow and Chris Matthews are clearly prophets in the land, helping us embrace the best in ourselves. Though prophets are often without honor.

With the demise of our great newspapers, either going under for want of revenue or simply becoming tawdry mouthpieces for ideologically-driven owners, we have a dearth of real information and an abundance of opinion.

Without our knowing it, without our awareness, Washington has been bought by the highest bidders, and it was put up for sale by the GOP.

What we have witnessed under the Reagan umbrella is nothing less than the rape of America and the degradation of our democracy, even as the GOP and its right-wing religionists have brainwashed huge numbers of every-day Americans who will believe even they're hanging from the highest tree and told to go to hell by the privileged.

It's a real mess we have on our hands, and we have only Mr. Happy-Face Reagan to thank for the gutting of the Republic and the gutless-wonder Dems who went along for the ride, pocketing lobbyist monies along with all the rest.

I believe President Obama understands our system better than any President since FDR, and better than most, Obama is a President of the people, by the people and for the people, even if the people haven't a clue, even when believing the lies and illusions perpetrated by insidious economic forces intent only on blinding us with the bright lights of empty promises while looting the national treasury. We had a chance some years ago with Mr. Carter, but we choose illusion instead and elected Reagan. I voted for Reagan in some mad effort to be an independent voter. It was the first time I voted for a Republican, and it has the been the last, and given the current state of affairs in our land, I can't imagine a GOP candidate for whom I'd vote.

We've wasted ourselves on war, we have welcomed the violent rhetoric of Joe the Plumber, we have ignored The People, we have allowed lobbyists to become our government, we have filled our benches with small-minded ideologues who are blind to the Constitution and its greatness.

Where are we headed?

Let's be honest.

We could be headed for disaster.

Thank you Mr. Reagan, Mr. Bush and Bush, and all those who have turned their back on American greatness and settled for the husks of bigotry and rage.

Go t-bags. You are well on your way to destroying your nation, and you haven't a clue.

You are a pitiful group, deluded by the matrix. You think you're eating steak, when you're only eating gruel.

Wake up America before it's too late.

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