Saturday, April 24, 2010

AZ Immigration Law

Jim Wallis rightly describes Arizona's new immigration law as a "social sin."

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As always, Wallis' judgment is on target.

Whatever your faith-perspective might be, I invite you to dig deep into your soul and ponder this retrogressive action, and why in AZ?

What's going on there?

And what's to prove by these harsh measures?

Flexing someone's muscles? To be king of the hill? For what end?


  1. So everybody criticizes Arizona for taking action against drug cartel violence. I suppose Jim Wallis is also in favor of those illegal workers who enslave 12-13 year old girls and multi-rape them? Sex trafficking amongst illegals is one of the most heinous social sins that Arizona is trying to eradicate with this law.

  2. My adopted daughter is an imigrant. A legal one. Why should we not enforce imigration law? Why should we open the flood gates to everyone, including criminals and terrorists? Or do you think other countries are just sending us their best and brightest?