Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Palin Is an Anarchist

I'm a Dem, and have been one since I cast my first vote many years ago.

Though I admit, with regret, that I voted for Reagan when he ran against Carter. Mr. Happy-Face Reagan beguiled me as he did this nation. I was a fool!

Oh well ...

During the Bush regime, I prayed for Bush often, and did what I could to support him. After all, he was the President of my country, the leader of my land.

I didn't march on the streets, I didn't write hateful letters, and when Gore lost the election to the Bush Supreme Court, I joined Gore in wishing Bush well and getting on with things. I didn't lash out; I didn't spew hatred. I tried to find ways and means that I could support the GOP agenda and move this country ahead.

I didn't plot the overthrow of the government, I didn't engage in "violent" words of rebellion, I didn't call down the wrath of God and pray for Bush's demise (although the thought occurred to me a time or two).

Am I patting myself on the back?

Not at all.

I'm simply an American, a real American, and I was doing what real Americans do - in sickness and in health, however we see it, I stood by my President and I supported the democratic process.

Which is to say, what we see with the GOP, Boehner and Cantor, Palin and Beck, is an abomination.

They are not Americans, whatever the hell they are. They are engaged in a program of de-construction, playing upon the fears of millions of naive Americans. Sadly, there would be no room for Palin if American citizens fully understood the glorious of our Democracy. But 50 years of Happy-Face Reaganism has deplete the national treasury of more than money - the GOP has looted our intelligence, along with its right-wing compatriots in American pulpits, led by the banality of a Robertson, the guilt-laden remorse of a Colson and the mean-spirted heart of a Dobson.

They are all terrorists determined to undermine our Democracy, sowing the seeds of discontent, malice, rage and craziness.

They are, by far, the greatest threat facing our nation, even as they pull the curtain and turn on the smoke and thunder machine, pointing us to mostly imaginary threats overseas, taking us to war, wasting billions and condemning thousands of our finest soldiers to death and tens of thousands more to a life-time of pain and medication.

They are behaving shamefully and without regard for the wellbeing of our nation.

They are prisoners of their own rage (Boehner) and ego (Palin and Beck) and a perverse religion (Colson and Dobson).

Their mutual hatred of Obama is painfully obvious, with shades of racism and everything evil.

They are not to be trusted; their words are misleading.

In reality, they're anarchists.

They have no vision for the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. They cannot work with anyone else, and they can't even work with one another.

They are anarchists.

They pose a real danger to America.

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