Friday, May 21, 2010

I'm Tough on Conservatives

I am tough on conservatives because they have repeatedly failed us - and there's no hope within their midnight-college discussions - the conservative philosophy is inherently flawed, which is why conservatives always crash and burn when they assume power. They make worthy opponents, no doubt, but lousy leaders.

All human progress has been driven by the liberal spirit - the vision of a better world wherein community is the core value, not a bunch of individuals competing like mad with one another to get to the top of some imagined hill. Conservatives remind me of young children who imagine themselves all grown up and then become resentful of Mom and Dad for telling them to be home before midnight.

Whether it be issues of slavery or making the Bible available, or St. Francis and the animals, or education or women's suffrage or Civil Rights, or universal healthcare, or medicare, environmental progress - it's all the liberal spirit.

If conservatives had their way, we'd be a feudal society, with the bulk of wealth held by the few, and the rest working their tails just to make it. The conservatives would be hangers-on in the court of the king - beautiful bosomy women, aging barons, their snotty offspring, all enjoying their privilege. O golly, it sounds like what we have right now.

Conservative philosophy has a certain "college" feel to it - a sort of "every man for himself" - it's terribly unrealistic ... it never holds up in reality.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Too Many Dumb Boobs

On the news yesterday, it was announced that President Obama has put a hold on all offshore oil drilling.

Immediately, there was a cut to an Ohio oilfield equipment worker who said, "I make pipe for drilling rigs. What's Obama doing for me?"

I thought, "You dumb boob!"

Tens of thousands of jobs are in peril around the Gulf because of a major oil spill. An entire eco-system may be destroyed. Fisheries and tourism all in jeopardy, and this dumb Ohio Boob can only say, "What's Obama doing for me?"

America is sinking, not because of drugs or crazed secular humanists or leaping lesbians, but by the sheer weight of too many dumb boobs who haven't the wherewithal to think. We are losing our grasp of the common good and the big picture.

This poor jerk in Ohio ignores everything to mouth a stupid comment.

Did someone in the media tell him, "Now, be angry and frustrated" because that's the new tag line across CNN and everywhere else - "America is angry and frustrated."

Are we?

I don't think so.

Concerned and worried?


But once again, is the media making news rather than covering it?

Between our preponderance of dumb boobs and even dumber boobs crafting the news, we're in a pickle of monstrous proportions.

Come on America, let's go back to school and engage the brain for a change.

Come on CNN and all the rest (I no longer include FOX in this mix), let's cover the news and find out what's really happening, and maybe you can even help the nation gain perspective on the big picture and the common good.

And by the way, I'm totally sick of Wolf Blitzer - this sanctimonious druid is nothing but a carnival sideshow barker inviting us "little boys and girls" into the tent to be titillated and fleeced by the appearance of news manipulated with smoke and mirrors.

And to the dumb boob in Ohio, can ya' give some thought to the Gulf Coast folks?

Can ya' see beyond your own backyard?

Get a grip and get a life.

Holy crap Batman. What are we going to do?