Friday, May 21, 2010

I'm Tough on Conservatives

I am tough on conservatives because they have repeatedly failed us - and there's no hope within their midnight-college discussions - the conservative philosophy is inherently flawed, which is why conservatives always crash and burn when they assume power. They make worthy opponents, no doubt, but lousy leaders.

All human progress has been driven by the liberal spirit - the vision of a better world wherein community is the core value, not a bunch of individuals competing like mad with one another to get to the top of some imagined hill. Conservatives remind me of young children who imagine themselves all grown up and then become resentful of Mom and Dad for telling them to be home before midnight.

Whether it be issues of slavery or making the Bible available, or St. Francis and the animals, or education or women's suffrage or Civil Rights, or universal healthcare, or medicare, environmental progress - it's all the liberal spirit.

If conservatives had their way, we'd be a feudal society, with the bulk of wealth held by the few, and the rest working their tails just to make it. The conservatives would be hangers-on in the court of the king - beautiful bosomy women, aging barons, their snotty offspring, all enjoying their privilege. O golly, it sounds like what we have right now.

Conservative philosophy has a certain "college" feel to it - a sort of "every man for himself" - it's terribly unrealistic ... it never holds up in reality.

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  1. Brother Bob and His Traveling Salvation ShowJune 3, 2010 at 11:08 AM

    Nicely stated.